Pain Management Program

low_back_pain_managementAn 8 week clinically proven pain management program for patients with Acute and Chronic Pain.

1. We utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and FDA Approved Biofeedback technology to help reduce your pain.

2. We teach you the unique interplay between your brain and body involved in pain management.

3. We provide clinically effective pain management skills designed to reduce and control your pain.

4. We help you 1. reduce your use of and dependence on pain relief medications, particularly those of opioid medications, 2. increase your physical activities and improve your quality of life, 3. improve the quality of your sleep by reducing your pain, 3. identify and increase positive coping styles, and 4. increase mindfulness for managing emotions especially fear and anxiety related to pain

5. We also teach you effective stress management skills specifically designed to reduce the stress and tension which usually increase your pain

About the Providers:

For the past 10 years Dr. Ashikyan and her team of Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists have researched and applied their knowledge of the most effective pain management techniques with thousands of patients suffering from acute and chronic pain conditions.

They have worked with patients, patient families, and treating physicians to provide evaluations, treatments, and education. Through this experience they have designed an 8 week intensive program which combines the techniques found to be most effective in pain management.

We provide the Workshop in both Spanish and English Languages.

Contact our office for more information about the groups as well as your ability to use your health insurance benefits.

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